Sunday, 1 March 2015

#InMyStudio - Beautiful Creative play with meaning...

A night full of stars and prayer balloons
I did this piece as part of my #1FaceaDay - but I wanted it to be a finished piece...

This pieces is dedicated to a very special lady and her family.
Sending up prayers for this mighty courageous family.
I think about them a lot.
I worry about them.

The balloons were inspired from the balloon on her dress and the more I painted these sweet balloons, the more I knew they were prayer balloons.

There is something majestic about her, regal, mighty... heavenly.
I really love her.

I love mixed media creative play - it's good for the soul!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

#1FaceADay - February is a wrap!

I really loved February a lot.
I am really getting into it.
I tried new techniques.
Used pencil crayons with gesso.  Tried pen and graphite with gesso.
Managed to do 4 TeaBagGirls and 4 BathingCapGirls.
Finished some big paintings and paintings with a message.

All in all - it's the second month in and I'm feeling more comfortable with the process, the idea and showing up everyday (well almost).  I felt more connect to it and I am loving the result of each new face and each new day.  I am loving how some of these smaller pieces can and will inspire potential paintings and larger pieces of work.

I love that we are tracking our days with #CollectAPhoto because we will see growth and that's pretty exciting.

I had to venture to the art shop this week because I had no canvas' left to work on and I'm rather loving the smaller stretch canvas and canvas boards for this project.  I got some in between to bigger stretch canvas' too.  I think the art shop might see a lot more of me - but for now, together with tags, tea bags and other bits and bobs - I have enough to work with for March.  No excuses.

2 months down - 10 to go!

#InMyStudio - finishing pieces...

I so badly want to get back into my classrooms.
I feel like I've been a bit paralysed for the past while and I think I'm beginning to understand why.  I know my previous space wasn't right for me and it did prevent me from working in there.  And of course, there is the proverbial "busyness".  But I do believe the other reason has been having unfinished work.

I thought I would put all my unfinished pieces on my easel and start working through them.  I thought I had about 3 unfinished pieces, which I figured was pretty manageable.  Well actually, I had 6.  Not only did I have 6 but I had 6 really big pieces unfinished, 2 or 3 a little bit bigger than big.... the weight of that has been heavy on my shoulders and I think it's been blocking me from moving forward.
"... and I will embrace you with my whole heart" 40" x 30" Stretch Canvas

I started this piece 7 months ago - when we were learning about textured backgrounds on FullCirlceWorkshop... I started with great gusto, then Italy came and went, I did some work on it when I got back from Italy but finishing it was rather overwhelming because of the size...  It's the furthest I've got with this piece.  I am not sure if we are completely done with each other yet - but I am quite liking where we are so far. 

For now, she's up #InMyStudio for me to contemplate and study for the next while.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

#InMyStudio.... finished at last.

Well I'm happy to say she's finally finished!!!
This is my biggest painting to date and it lines the whole wall of my sweet little studio.
I can't tell you how many times I've tried to finish this piece but it's just never felt right or it just felt so completely overwhelming.  I'm thrilled to say that I'm finally at peace with her and I am completely in love with this piece.  Up until now there was always something wrong with or something I didn't like... that being said the layers did help this final stage go much quicker and easier.    I love clean lines and unclutteredness of it.

As I started adding the blue and some browns - I realized I didn't want the wings there and the more I worked, the more I realize that I didn't want the busy sunflowrs either.... and the more I worked that away and the more I loved this piece.  Once I knew how I was going to more forward - the rest just flowed right out of my brush... like we we both finally ready for each other.

I'm feeling so stoked tonight...

I'm feeling so stoked tonight - for two reasons...
Firstly, I haven't done a proper piece of art since November, last year.  I have just been so out of sorts, in my old studio space.  With a really heavy work load.  And completely no time.  All I have been managing to do is show up for #1FaceaDay - thank goodness for that cos it's kept me present.

But today I had the whole day to myself #InMyStudio - and this piece has been calling me for weeks, it was perfect timing and I had a beautiful time.

And the second reason I am feeling so stoked is because today I did 4 faces and I've used these 4 to catch up on my #1FaceaDay.  I'm back up to date.

First attempt
Second Attempt
Final attempt - I know which one I'm loving much more!
I love how each stage shows the different stages of my growth and development as an artist.  I love being able to see it in my works.  It's a great reward to me.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

#InMyStudio - #1FacetoDay

This was first a graphite drawing and I decided to paint her... 

I am so glad I did - I ended up loving these colors.
She gave me such a hard time but I eventually found my way.
Sometimes the ones that fight with me the most, the ones I journey with
they end up being some of my favorite pieces.

She's on a small stretched canvas and she was the inspiration on how I was going to finish my SunFlowrAngels - the one I started almost 1 year go.  The one I thought I was finished with but wasn't.  The one I restarted and then got stage fright and left it unfinished.

Yip that one... it's time - I think I know how i'm going to finish it.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Such a lucky gal...

Gifts from afar...
Feeling the love... - I received a mystery parcel this week.
I wasn't expecting this.  The best way to receive parcels... unexpectedly.
I love my stone (which is now sitting on my studio desk)
and my card - lovely message!

Thank you so much Tina!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Joining the swimming team - #BathingCapSeries

 I'm just sooooo enjoying this little series... #BathingCapSeries
Started by my beautiful friend Renee Plains.  What a brilliant idea!
Just so sweet and old fashioned!

I think she might my favorite so far