Thursday, 26 March 2015

Happy Dancing #InMyStudio tonight...

Little Women in the FlowrBeds - 60"x36" Stretched Canvas
 We are finally finished and she's up in my little online shop.
I'm beyond excited.  Wow - what an incredible journey!
I finished 3 BIG pieces today.
I've been waking up early before work and going to bed late to do those finishing details,
which can take as much commitment as the whole piece itself.
But it's been so worth it!!!

"And I will embrace you with my whole heart" on  40"x30" Stretched Canvas
Those beads were my final step and wow - what a job.
But I do love them so!!!!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Remembering Italy...

Sooo I've been taking a slow meander through my memories of my trip to Italy last September and October.

I have taken my time to blog about it and in hindsight I am so pleased I did.  Recapping after almost 6 months has been truly wonderful and it also allowed time to pass and really see the impact Italy had on me this time around.

All I can say is I'm totally blown away realising how profound this time has been on me since.

And how grateful I am for the memories, the treasures I came home with and the photos...

So blown away.

Please feel free to meander down my memory lane too.

FlowrsinItaly - Take 2 2014

How awesome is the picture with the clock tower in the background.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

#InMyStudio... #1FaceaDay continues...

 Painting on some of my final plaster sheets.
I'm in love with these sheets... and these colors...

#InMyStudio - My Chest will always have room for you, sweet one

Well I'm still loving playing with these colors... ahhhh and this theme... I think it's one of the dearest themes to me.

My other #motherlove piece was so loved and so was this one and that makes me so happy.  I think as mothers, this subject is close to all of our hearts.

The tender warm embrace we have for our babies, especially our girls.

No matter how old they are, I know I will always have room for them on my chest.

I created this piece as a gift. I'm thrilled to say, she's loved and she's going home this week.

Friday, 20 March 2015

A week in the life of....

our piece of heaven on this earth!
This week we took some very positive steps to book time away... for the year.
Exceptionally long overdue.  We are into the 3rd year of no family holidays.   And we are feeling the strain of that.  So we booked some winter time and our Christmas holiday.  And knowing we have these moments to look forward to, has literally made my heart leap right out of my chest.  We booked in our usual special place because to us it's where we switch off, deeply connect and always make the most precious, beautiful memories together.

To me, it's one of the most creatively visually beautiful places on earth to restore your soul...
and without fail, each time it has.  When we go in winter now... it will rain most of the time and I plan much time wrapped up outside there and around the fireplace.... reading, chatting and resting.

It will also be our last Christmas holidays with Corks still in school... 
Right - that's pretty darn scary to me today.
Sending paintings home = happiness

Yep - life with a Teen!
We have a family group chat called the "The Total Fruit Cakes" and our family picture is The Simpsons... need I say more.
This convo went down this week when I found Corks dirty bowl on the sink.  I love that we have these crazy chats through the day.
I love my Total Fruit Cakes to bits.
Are we the only family that's this weird?
{ps... I didn't really put it under her pillow - but she got the message!}

how cute would this look framed up

It's my last plaster sheet from Beautiful Lorraine - I'm going to have to make more.
I'm so grateful for her little book that she handmade for us in Italy and that I've managed to fill mine with my #1FaceaDay images.  I was thinking about Italy and our time with beautiful people a lot this week and how our lives have all touched each other, some deeper than others... but I'm #SoGrateful for the friendships I found there and have continued.  It's been such a blessing to me.  It's a reminder to me that nothing happens by chance and nothing is for nothing.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

#InMyStudio.... my seriously happy place...

Some days I find it harder than others.... And I've really struggled this week.... 
The pull to stay right here.  In my happy place.  All day - is so HUGE some days.

I need more time here.  Because I need to learn more, practice more and get better and maybe,
just maybe... oneday... just maybe... I'll get to stay!

#InMyStudio... tiny tiny tiny..

Just so you can see how tiny it is...

I had 30 minutes before work the other morning and I was keen to regroup after the morning and school rush and I was feeling a little sad and pensive... I have much on my mind.  Art really does settle my heart.  It's my best way to start my day... with a brush in my hand!   I just wish I got to stay... all day, in my happy place.

I painted so big this weekend that I just wanted to bring it back in because painting small definitely helps me be more expressive and it's like it reminds my mind how to do it... I seem to loose the ability the bigger I go.  So I did this little clothing tag quickly and I just lay color after color next to each other - absolutely no blending.  It was wonderful.  It was the smallest I had ever painted.
I shared it on FB before I went to work...

My friend Mark, from the UK suggest that I try go even smaller and paint on a postage stamp.
And myself, Mark and Lyn Tivenan got into a chat on FB about doing it.
I thought about it all day long - so when I got home, I dug out my stamp collection and I tried it.
I wanted to see if it was possible.  Oh my word - it WAS!
Omgoodness - it made me laugh out loud!  I think I might have shocked myself!
And it was delightfully fun!!   I had to use my glasses (don't laugh).

I had already prepped a TeaBag.
You can see I did all these on the same day!

Before bed... I couldn't resist doing another little stamp!
So lovely to play this way!
I think I might have started something!
look at all these awesome mini canvas'