Wednesday, 16 April 2014

#InMyStudio - the Sculpture continues...

I had an idea that I wanted wings to go down her back... but when I sat down to try and do it - well it was another story... And let's be honest - I don't have a clue what I'm doing...
Yip - my hands were feeling clumsy again!

Eventually I started getting a bit of momentum!
And funny enough it was working it up in layers!!  I guess like any painting... layers upon layers!
I understand that - so I started to relax into it.  It was so hot on Sunday so the clay was drying faster than I was working but I managed to finish the first wing - and I'm totally loving it.
It definitely took on it's own direction but once again, I went with it and I am loving the shape and form!
Looking forward to finishing her final wing and then I will start to decorate her!
For now - I want to keep her this raw, natural color.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

#InMyStudio - a walk through creating a mixed-media Icon

I spent about 2-3 weeks searching for embellishments to use on this 3D mixed media Icon Homework Assignment.
I wasn't too lucky finding things - so I decided to use paper clay to create some of my own.
I made my halo and other discs and created some hearts!  I actually loved making everything from scratch.
When I was out and about, I found more small things... like ribbon, lace etc.
I couldn't find a place that was easy to get to, to get pieces of wood.  It will have to be an outing!
So I used a canvas board, which I prepped with Modelling paste.
Playing with my design - I love the way paper clay dries.

Last night I finally got a chance to play!! My canvas had been ready all week.
I watched Misty's tutorial a good few times and followed my teacher.
She's incredible!
Following a tutorial really does help you learn and grow!
Once I got the gist - I was able to start moving in my own style and direction!
I am so grateful for these lessons - I'm learning so much!!!
I am loving learning so many different aspects to the creativity of being an all rounded artist as opposed to just one facet of it!  I'm kind of blown away about that!  And it's new ground for me!!
And I like it.  A lot!

Starting to paint her.
I felt nervous!  Her face was so tiny I had to use a 00 brush!
But when she started to appear - I felt encouraged!

So thrilled with her.  She feels like a promise to me... a promise of September!

#InMyStudio - a little Sculpture Play

I started this piece about a year ago when I played in Heather Basson's studio with Annie Hamman, when we were doing the FacetoFaceWorkshop.  It was such a treat to create together.  But when I got home I let her dry and then never got a chance to get back to her...

In the past few weeks since we have been doing bits of paperclay sculpture in class,
she's been calling me to finish her.... and I've had an idea how to go about it.
So last night after I finished painting... I started building up her torso and lower body.
I filled her with newspaper, sacking cloth and wrapped that with red masking tape.

This morning I started adding the clay!

Leaving her here today to dry...
I'm already loving her!  Her shape and form.
I would love to tell you I planned this piece but because I'm such a novice with clay -
I assure you this pieces feels like one happy accident after the next.
At this stage - I'm not sure I will be able to do this again!

I am planning on doing wings down her back.
I have something in mind - I am hoping I will be able to put it together!
I am loving working with paper clay - I love that it air dries!
And I love the process - it takes me to another world and I could spend hours there!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

#InMyStudio... a beautiful studio day!

So I'm not sure about you - when I have so many options to do #InMyStudio and I'm excited about doing all of them - I end up doing nothing!!!!  I literally sat staring at my studio desk for about an hour this morning before I decided to sort out my photos and maybe something would call me... and it did - actually it's been calling me for about two weeks now.  And today I found the courage.

I did something the other day with my oils - just a 5 minute little thing and I got a little excited because I had a feeling the way I would use my oils now would be different from the way I used to use them.

So I was a little curious... and I was right!
The way I used them today was completely different - and oh my goodness - it felt so lovely!
I could sooooo get back into them!  I have a ton of oil paints and for the first time in a long time, I feel encouraged to continue to grow with them.  All I want to do is play some more... 

About a year ago - I hung up my oilpaints - I was frustrated and annoyed with myself.
I needed something.  I needed a break.  And I needed to grow!
I do believe this was one of my last oils and now you can see why...
Yikes that yellow hair... Ummmm - NO!  Just NO!
Thank goodness for growth!  It's good to see it!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

#InMyStudio - a little make over...

 I do feel like I am growing in my abilities.  Yet I know I still have such a long way to go.
I recently went through a bit of a dip and have been frustrated with myself and where I'm at because I still want to go deeper...

I am currently working on being more expressive with the paint and trying not over blending or overworking pieces.  I'm rather happy with this sweet little face!  

Looking to dive deeper into some portraiture work.  

#InMyStudio - daily art. homework. assignments. creative play

I'm happy to say I'm up to date with my work work.
Which has left me with more time to be #InMyStudio and catch up with some homework... 
I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed because I haven't been getting to my homework and sometimes that can silence me into total paralysis and complete avoidance.
To me, the challenge is just showing up!
The past few days, I've managed to show up everyday!

A while back I made some paper clay items (homework).
I found it extremely difficult and I wasn't overly impressed with myself.
So I put them aside but this week I painted them and I'm totally loving the finished product!

How cute is that figurine painted - my girls love her so much.
They have asked me to make them each one.
#FolkArt Clay pieces

#FolkArt PaperClay Bell

My Studio was topsy turvy all weekend because we were painting my studio workstation.
So I only managed to do one small painting.  I have to catch up on some painting,
the values lessons and portraiture.  Can't wait to get there.

I loved the Icon Painting homework so much but I've found it hard to get the supplies I needed for this assignment.  Finding the right embellishments has been tough and even finding the right wooden board.
So I resorted to making some of my own pieces for this assignment!
Can't wait to put this piece and painting together!
Last night I meant to paint my last 4 Sunflowrs on the #BigCanvas but skirted that
{like I usually do before I end a piece}...
so ended up putting my #SelfContained homework book together!
Now I just have to find a time capsule box for it.
I will share more of this #artjournal shortly.
I want to do more of these books as part of creative play and searching.
Out of these wonderful books come new ideas for bigger paintings - creative play def leads to great imagination and ideas!

Each page has a prompt to trigger spreads and art pages - 
I love...
I remember...
I see...
I am...

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Beautiful things...

We are virtually through the first quarter of this year and it's been a crazy start to the year.
We have been so hectic on all fronts.  Not only that but it appears winter is making a very early appearance - which is never easy for me.  We are already having our first rains.  And it's way too early!
Our fire wood supply arrived today!

This week has been such a good week and I can't tell you how welcome that feels.
Nothing like goodness to warm the heart on chilly days -  here's some news...

Going to a work function this week
This week has been filled with lovely letters, messages of encouragement and conversations with beautiful people from all over the world - I can't tell you how much I love that!  And I can't tell you how it lifts my spirits.  This week too, I had the honor of selling two of my paintings - which I will be shipping today!
I'm always blown away when I sell a piece of art, I'm always surprised and I know it's something I will never take for granted!!  It's honestly such a gift to me!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

We received other good news this week but I will share more about that in another post.
Last night we went out to celebrate as a family because there just seemed so much to be grateful for.
With school exams and assessments being over, all our high school apps being in,
big art pracs being submitted and a very busy work schedule!

I'm reminded, every now and again, that hard work and long hours in the trenches does pay off,
even if it's in small increments.

Scared spaces
I've been slowly working through painting some items around my little home white,
 as I'm very definitely going through a white phase.
My painter comes back this weekend to finish some other pieces for me... seriously can't wait!
My little personal space has made me so happy!
The two pictures there are my Misty and Betty original works!
Makes me happy to see them everyday!

The Sunflowrs are all finished this side...

Last weekend I made a serious dent in my #bigcanvas.  I only have 4 Sunflowrs left to finish and I'm hoping I will be done by the end of this week.  I really learnt so much with this painting... painting big, all the faces and those sunflowrs - wow!  I also tried something new with this piece... I used a palette.  I don't usually use a palette and normally work straight from the tube because acrylics dry so quickly!  So stoked with the outcome.  Will share the finished piece soon.

My friend Sharon Tomilson gifted me with a place on her Diary of Faces part 2.

I sent her some treats from the Irma Stern museum and it was her thank you gift to me.  WOW I didn't expect this - again I'm just so blown away by this kind of generosity.  This was going to be my next sign up.  I can't wait to head there.  I am a huge fan of everything Sharon does.  Check out her blog - she's working on an incredible (mighty) project called 100 faces and as usual, I'm totally in awe.
Today I received our first correspondence from Bill and Kristi and they sent us this gorgeous picture to remind us of that beautiful place and our beautiful time doing wondrous things - let the dreaming continue!