Monday, 19 November 2012

Creative Weekend = happy heart!!!

I have been helping out one or two days on a filmshoot this past week, which means long days...  I got home quite late on Friday and I was exhausted.  I wasn't planning on painting but I couldn't resist... 
I started working on my Italian Fresco and ended up painting until 2am.
This is a mighty journey... I look forward to working more on her face.
My alignment is a little off... can't wait to do more layers.

 I am still struggling through this piece...

Working on this new piece, from being back in the classroom.  I have up my weekend surf to get back in the classroom.  I am so please to be back there... Loving this piece very much.


  1. Hi Ms. Flowrs (I mean Jeanne-Marie),
    Thanks for answering my question about Misty's class. I think I will take it if it goes on until April.

    Your work is stunning! The fresco is coming alone so well. It is a very grand undertaking. Are you painting in oils or acrylic? I do love her eyes and head piece. The other two are really lovely as well. I can't wait to see the finished dress on the second piece. I especially love the last one. She has such a nice face and hair. Is that Cape Town in the distance? It looks amazing!

    Looking forward to seeing the process of these. You've got major painting mojo going on!


    1. Dear Denise
      Sorry for the late response. I am not sure how I didn't write back. Thank you - yes my fresco is massive and at times I am so encouraged to work through it and other times a tad overwhelmed at the enomity of it. But I'm sure she will be amazing when it's finished. I mainly paint in oils. I am absolutely in love with it...

      No it's Ovieto, Italy in the background. I was there this year with Misty and some other fabulous artists. I learnt so much!

      Thank you for your encouragement.
      Keep painting and look forward to seeing you in the studio/openstudio. PS: Misty is doing a new course in January.. if that makes better sense for you to sign up for.

      Have a wonderful Christmas and keep painting.
      aka Flowrs